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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Lamiflex aims to adopt a long term policy of developing, manufacturing and marketing, packaging materials and systems which are environmentally friendly.

The combination of the chosen product, the packaging and the total logistical system will be very important in achieving this goal.

This means that we will:

  • Meet environmental legislation and consider the views of our customers and the public at large on the environmental aspects of our products and processes.
  • Ensure that all employees increase their knowledge of environmental issues and have individual opportunity to assess the environmental aspects of their daily work.
  • Influence, put demands on and co-operate with other companies, authorities and organizations as necessary.
  • Always try to improve the utilization of our resources and to minimize waste, by such measures as increasing yield and re-using waste as an energy raw material and for recycling and resorting.
  • Regard environmental improvements as a long-term investment.