Interwell Industrial Packaging Solutions

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Interwell represents a new business area for Lamiflex that allows us to offer unique and innovative packaging solutions and services to a wider range of segments including the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, IT & Telecom industries.

The unique Interwell product represents another step towards broadening our business goals. With our deep knowledge of packaging solutions this is a natural step that we can take together to create new opportunities.

Interwell - Extremely strong but still lightweight

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Interwell is a patented product of environmentally friendly hardened corrugated cardboard, which combines the benefits of low weight, fully recyclable, flexibility and price point with the characteristics of the plywood in terms of strength, stackability and buoyancy. In other words, an extremely strong yet thin material with low weight. It lowers your transportation costs and reduces the environmental impact. It is easy to handle and you have unlimited opportunities to create an application that suits you.