Lamiflex is in the process of extending a European wide packaging recycling system, developed initially in co-operation with the German steel and automotive industry. 

Lamiflex owned iron-barred boxes are located at the end users, e.g. car makers, into which Lamiflex packaging materials are placed and then transported to our own recycling centre in Düsseldorf.

Here a special machine has been constructed to recondition Lamiflex, which can be reused on average three times. As Lamiflex contains 98% wood fibre, it is then suitable for burning as the last link in the recycling chain.

Today over 40 companies in Europe are members of this system.

Given present and future environmental legislation, we believe this system can provide a cost effective solution to the handling and disposal of waste packaging materials and by working with the Network Lamiflex and this system, you can also enlarge your own environmental profile.